Club Sports

Club Sports


This program offers members of the Carnegie Mellon University community the opportunity to participate in non-Varsity intercollegiate athletic competition and formalized group instruction. Club Sports are recognized student organizations that establish their own leadership, structure, membership requirements, competition schedules, dues, and fundraising events. The clubs provide social, competitive, instructional, and safe environments based on the common interests of the participating members.

Our mission is to provide diverse, quality sports opportunities for all students across a broad range of skill levels and experience. The Club Sports program strives to provide a dynamic learning environment while promoting sportsmanship, skill development, and camaraderie through sport and play. We aim to be a model for student leadership– in the way students conduct themselves during events and through the administration of the program.

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Current Clubs

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TEAM SPORTS CONTACT 2015-2016 Results:
Baseball Alex Walenczyk

14-5 overall record

District IV League Champions

Cricket Sahil Sangani

Participated in the 8th American College Cricket Dream11 National Championship

Fencing Alex Yu

Joined a conference

Individual fencing did well

Ice Hockey Neil Carleton

15-2 overall record

Won league playoffs

Lacrosse (m) David Matvey

3-5 overall record (3-2 conference)

4th in conference advancing to post season play


Lacrosse (w) Hadley Killen

4-4 overall record (3-2 conference)

Qualified for post season play

Quidditch Club Nick Weir
Roller Hockey Alan French

Fall: 1st place in tier 3

Spring: 2nd place in tier 2

Rowing Laura Catan Women's varsity won gold
Rugby Cameron Breze
Focused heavily on recruitment 
Ski & Snowboard Bennet Clark

Ski: 3rd in conference

Snowboard: 3rd in singles

Soccer (m) Navid Kazem 7-1-1 in league play
Soccer (w) Julia Carter

Madelynne Long
1-4-1 in league play 
Tennis Abhinard Sukumar

Sectionals, qualified for Nationals

61st at Nationals

Ultimate Frisbee (m)
Justin Abel

4th at Sectionals

8th overall D1 Ohio Valley

Ultimate Frisbee (w) Marissa Schwartz

Annette Chen

6th at Sectionals

8th overall D1 Ohio Valley

Volleyball (m)
Jeffrey Zhao
Qualified for post-season playoffs
Volleyball (w) Hunter Lawrence Played on multiple tournaments
Water Polo (m)
Canaan Linder Fall: 5th at Nationals
Water Polo (w) Michelle Wu Finished 3rd in league

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