Short Feature with Football Rising Sophomore Nathan Koch

Short Feature with Football Rising Sophomore Nathan Koch

Rising sophomore Nathan Koch, an electrical and computer engineering major from Pecatonica, Illinois, answers a few questions about student life at Carnegie Mellon, his internship experience, what he's looking forward to next semester, why he chose his major, and what he enjoys about Pittsburgh.

1. What do you enjoy about campus life?

The thing I enjoy most about campus life is being with all of your friends, experiencing similar classes and learning similar things. It ensures that someone will always be there to help and creates life-long relationships.

2. What do you get involved in outside of football?

I am involved with greek life and love to spend some of my Saturdays giving back to the community, so service Saturdays are always great. I also like to explore the city with friends so some weekends I will go into downtown Pittsburgh and check out what the city has to offer.

3. Tell us about your internship experience.

I'm currently in the middle of my first internship at BAE systems INC, the nations third largest defense contractor. I am located in Nashua, N.H., currently staying in a local university. I have the title of Electrical Systems Engineering Intern which means I can do a lot of software and hardware. I am currently helping to work on a patent by programming in C++ and I love it!

4. What are your summer plans?

My summer plans are to stay in shape for the season, spend time with friends and family, meet new people and explore New England. I will also be building a coffee table for my room next year.

5. What are you excited for next semester?

I am excited to really explore in more detail my major. First year is all intro classes and the basics. I am excited to dig deeper into my major and learn more about ECE. I am also looking forward to being on campus with my friends again.

6. Why did you select your course of study – what class have you enjoyed the most?

I selected ECE because I enjoy all things computer. I am more software biased but I love to figure out how something like an electrical signal can be used to build computers that can process so much. Generally I would just say that I knew I liked electronics and decided to pursue ECE.

7. What class would you recommended as a MUST TAKE class at CMU?

If I had to recommend a class to a fellow teammate i would probably say 15-112 because it may be challenging but it is fun and totally worth it.

8. What have you enjoyed about living in Pittsburgh?

I have enjoyed the public transportation system and how easy it is to get around campus with my student ID.

9. What has been a memorable moment so far during your time on the team?

My most memorable moment has to be the first home game I ever played at CMU. Just the feeling of being all suited up and playing in college is a feeling I can never forget.