Short Feature with Football Rising Senior Quinn Zsido

Short Feature with Football Rising Senior Quinn Zsido

Rising senior Quinn Zsido, a business major from New Windsor, New York, answers a few questions about student life at Carnegie Mellon, his internship experience, what he's looking forward to next semester, why he chose his major, and what he enjoys about Pittsburgh.

1. What do you enjoy about campus life?

The variety of minds. CMU is very good at doing what they do. In other words, while they might not have law or medical, what they do have they're amazing at. And it's all so different. The arts, business, computer science. Excellence in variety. 

2. What do you get involved in outside of football?

Cultural and professional development clubs. I am president of the Arab Student Orginization to accompany my Arabic minor. I have participated in Case and Startup Competitions. I regularly attend drama productions and view art installations. 

3. Tell us about your internship experience.

I have held two internships. One last summer in Strategy Consulting for the Goodwill Org. and one this summer in Growth Marketing in San Fran for New Relic. The Strategy Consulting job required interviewing employees across the company, looking at inputs and outputs of employment, and figuring out ways to improve them. At New Relic I am a Growth Marketer on the Web Development team applying my Business-Technology concentration. 

4. What are you excited for next semester?

I am excited for the culmination of everything. IT is scary and exciting. My final season of football with men whom are sure to be lifelong friends, the culmination of years of intense academic rigor, and finally the entrance into the professional world. 

5. Why did you select your course of study – what class have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoy Business Administration because the connections it allows you to create with others. This world, no matter how technical, is run by men and women. Talking and networking with those individuals allows you to get a glance behind the curtain of the most influential systems in the world. As for my Arabic Minor, more people need to learn Arabic. Language connects everyone, and the more Americans that learn Arabic the closer our worlds will become. Favorite Class - Arabic. 

6. What class would you recommended as a MUST TAKE class at CMU?

Business Presentations. We are often so technical at CMU we forget how to connect. Learn how to talk, network, and connect. It will pay dividends.  

7. What have you enjoyed about living in Pittsburgh?

The camaraderie. It's a traditionally Blue Collar town that loves its sports, culture, and people. The Yinzers are all brothers and sisters.  

8. What has been a memorable moment so far during your time on the team?

Post win locker room celebrations and preseason camp. We work so hard all year and pour blood, sweat, and tears in camp that the wins are cherished so much more.