Short Feature with Football Senior Quentin Wolfe

Quentin pictured with fellow mechanical engineering and football teammates on top of Montserrat, one of the two large mountains in Barcelona. The three studied abroad during the most recent winter break.
Quentin pictured with fellow mechanical engineering and football teammates on top of Montserrat, one of the two large mountains in Barcelona. The three studied abroad during the most recent winter break.

Senior Quentin Wolfe, a mechanical engineering major from Round Rock, Texas, answers a few questions about student life at Carnegie Mellon, what he's excited for as his college career comes to a close, why he chose mechanical engineering as a major, and what he believes is a must take class at Carnegie Mellon.

1. What do you enjoy about campus life?

The thing I enjoy most about campus life is the opportunity to meet such diverse people. Not just culturally, but in all aspects. CMU is a world-class university with numerous schools ranked in the top 10 nationally, so almost everyone you meet is going to be great at what they do or have some amazing talent.

2. What do you get involved in outside of football?

Outside of football, I am also a Founding Father of my fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, and am involved in Greek Sing and Booth, I was a TA for one semester, and I have been an RA since sophomore year. This year, I have also joined Global Public Health Brigades and will be going with them on a service trip to Nicaragua for Spring break.

3. Tell us about internships you've had.

Summer after sophomore year I interned as a Digital Technology Analyst with Accenture in NYC. The day-to-day involved being a middle man between the client and our company and letting each side know what the other wanted and expected. I learned a lot of new skills relating to working with Big Data and I got to see them wrap up a year-long project. Last summer, I worked as a Mechanical Engineering Intern for Palace Games, a top ranked escape room in San Francisco. The day-to-day here consisted of working on different designing and manufacturing projects to help develop their newest room. I was able to work with a lot of power tools and experience what goes on behind the scenes of an entertainment company. In terms of how these helped me make my full-time decision, I am actually returning to Accenture and will be located here in Pittsburgh. I enjoy the culture of consulting and being able to work on a new project every year or so and learn new skillsets along the way.

4. What are you excited about as your college career comes to a close?

As my college career comes to a close, I am most excited to just use my extra time hanging out with friends and exploring around Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. With football being over and my engineering courses being completed, I'm able to do a lot more exploring and relaxing than I have been used to during my entire life as a student-athlete. I can also work on more personal projects and take advantage of the resources the school offers.

5. Why did you select your course of study – what class have you enjoyed the most?

I selected mechanical engineering because I knew I wanted to be involved in some engineering, but wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do and mechanical engineering is broad enough to keep many doors open. My favorite class has probably been Design II because it was very open-ended and finally allowed us to work on a very hands-on project we could take in any direction we saw fit. Currently, I am in Guest Experience and Theme Park Design and it is also up there among my favorite classes and has interested me into looking more into a career in the entertainment technology field.

6. What class would you recommended as a MUST TAKE class at CMU?

I would recommend Guest Experience and Theme Park Design because not only is it not very demanding, but also because it's a very interesting class that isn't restricted to any majors and will be different from most classes that anyone is taking and provides a nice change of scenery. For athletes, more specifically upperclassmen, definitely Intro to Yoga. Sports start taking tolls on the body in the later years and taking yoga during my senior fall was amazing.

7. What do you like about Pittsburgh?

As an athlete, I enjoy how dedicated the city of Pittsburgh is to its sports teams. Seeing people walk the bridges to the games and gathering together for a common purpose is something you can't get in a lot of places.