Short Feature with Men's Swimming and Diving Rising Junior Ryan Fitzpatrick

Short Feature with Men's Swimming and Diving Rising Junior Ryan Fitzpatrick

Rising junior Ryan Fitzpatrick, an information systems major from Montgomery, New Jersey, answers a few questions about student life at Carnegie Mellon, why he chose his major, what classes he's enjoyed, and a memorable moment he's had as a member of the swimming and diving team.

1. What do you enjoy about campus life?

I really love the close-knit feeling of community with a lot of my classmates and fellow swimmers! Hanging out while eating meals is really fun.

2. What do you get involved in outside of your sport?

I am a proud brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon! I also enjoy hiking and photography.

3. Tell us about your internship experience.

This summer I did software engineering at Ness Digital Engineering in Pittsburgh. I helped assist on several projects with full time employees and learned a lot about the current software in use in industry.

4. What are your summer plans?

Visiting Oregon, working in Pittsburgh, and going to the Jersey Shore! 

5. What are you excited about next semester?

I am really excited for some of the IS core classes I am taking next semester as well as an elective I'm taking on big data. I am also excited to try and find part time work in the software field in Pittsburgh.

6. Why did you select your course of study – what class have you enjoyed the most?

I chose Information Systems because it has a super flexible curriculum that allows you to explore your passions, no matter what they are. They also have a cool focus in tech, which is what I wanted to study :) My favorite class has been 15-112.

7. What class would you recommend as a MUST take class at CMU?

15-112, because it really exposes you to software and how to think like a programmer!

8. What have you enjoyed about living in Pittsburgh?

I love that Pittsburgh has a big sense of community and pride. People here love everything about Pittsburgh, which is apparent in all the Pittsburgh apparel you constantly see people wearing. It's easy to start feeling the same sense of pride.

9. What has been a memorable moment so far during your time on the team?

Training trip for me is always the most fun and memorable times with the team!