All-Sports Championship

All-Sports Championship


To encourage participation and achievement throughout the entire academic year, Intramural Sports offers the opportunity for teams to earn points towards the All Sports Championship. Keep the same team name for each sport that you play and you can earn points for participation and for winning.

Earning Points

Sport Format


Regular Season


Competitive League 20 Points

1st Place: 10 pts

2nd Place: 7 pts

1st Place: 20 pts

2nd Place: 15 pts

Recreational/Co-rec League 10 Points (No points awarded)

1st Place: 10 pts

2nd place: 7 pts

Tournaments 15 Points (No points awarded)

1st Place: 15 pts

2nd Place: 10 pts

*Champions: Separate championships will be awarded for CoRec, Men's, and Women's leagues.