Visitor Information

Sports Medicine/ Performance Team Contact Information:

Coordinator of Sports Medicine/
Head Athletic Trainer

Adam Hindes

(412) 268-2222
Athletic Trainer

Rosie Cheng

(412) 268-8972
(412) 268-4078 (Fax)

Athletic Trainer

Adam May

(412) 268-8972
Athletic Trainer

Sal Vallejo

(412) 268-2222
Team Physician

Dr. Bryson Lesniak

(412) 687-3900
Team Physician Dr. Kelley Anderson

(412) 432-3600

Physical Therapy Heather Christian  


Athletic Training Room Facilities and Locations:

Athletic Facility and Training Room Location

Teams and Events Covered

Gesling Stadium and Soccer Athletic Facility

Located at the bottom of the stairs on the 50 yd.

line across from the bleachers

  • Football
  • Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • Men’s and Women’s Track and Field
  • Men’s and Women’s Tennis
  • Golf
Skibo Gymnasium, 2nd Floor
  • Volleyball
  • Men’s and Women’s Cross Country
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s and Women’s Swimming/ Diving
University Center, Triage station near Swim offices
  • Men’s and Women’s Swimming/ Diving


Available modalities for treatment are as follows:

  • Moist Heat
  • Ice Packs
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Ultrasound

Please note that if an athletic trainer is not travelling with the team and services are needed,
we will require a signed letter from your office regarding what treatment is to be provided.

Supplies Provided During each Contest:

  • Water
  • Ice w/ Ice bags
  • Cups
  • Biohazard Waste Disposal
  • Additional Supplies provided upon request
  • Treatment Tables (as needed)

Supplies Provided During Football Contests:

  • Water and Ice in Locker Room
  • Minimum 30 gallons of water on sideline
  • Ice Chest with Bags
  • Taping/ Treatment Table
  • Biohazard Waste Disposal

Emergency Equipment will be available upon request / need during a contest:

  • Automated External Defibrilator (AED)
  • Spine Board & Neck Immobilizer
  • Crutches
  • Splints
  • First Aid supplies
  • Treatment tables

Acute Care (Emergency) Procedures:

Location of Emergency Phones  

  • Gymnasium — Front door and Athletic Training Room
  • Stadium — Equipment Room and Athletic Training Room.


  • Security — (412) 268-2323 (Carnegie Mellon Security).
  • Response Protocol: CMU Security Officers and Emergency Crew (5 minutes).
  • Suggested Follow-up:Call Athletic Director or Assoc. A.D. in case of catastrophic emergency.

AED Locations

  • Stadium – On gray cabinet on right wall, sidelines during competitions
  • Skibo – On left of doorways at second level entrance at front of building
  • and in rear stairwell of gymnasium
  • Campus security also carries units in cars

Facility to be used

  • UPMC Presbyterian Hospital – Emergency Department (Triage)
    200 Lothrop Street
    Pittsburgh, PA  15213
    (412) 647-3333

Non - Acute Care (Non-Emergency) Procedures:

During Normal Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Facilities to be used

  • Athletic training rooms at Gessling or Skibo Gymnasium.


  • Gesling Stadium: (412)268-2222 or (412)268-8972
  • Skibo Gymnasium: (412) 268-3774
  • Health Services:  (412) 268-2157

During Off Hours:  Monday-Friday after 6:00pm

Facilities to be used

  • UPMC Presbyterian Hospital – Emergency Department (Triage)
    200 Lothrop Street
    Pittsburgh, PA  15213
    (412) 647-3333
All-Night Pharmacy
  • CVS
    3440 Forbes Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA  15213
    Store:  (412) 687-4180, Pharmacy: (412) 687-4181