Insurance Alert!!

Carnegie Mellon University contracts with UPMC Sports Medicine to provide additional care for our student athletes. Student athletes are responsible for contacting their insurance carrier(s) prior to enrollment in order to ensure that they will cover emergency and non-emergency services at UPMC facilities in the event that the student athlete is injured while participating in athletics. If a student’s insurance policy does not provide out-of-network coverage for non-emergency care at UPMC medical facilities, the student athlete is strongly encouraged to obtain the student medical health insurance plan provided through University Health Services.

Sports Medicine Medical Forms 2019

Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon University Sports Medicine medical, insurance and information page.  Carnegie Mellon University has partnered with Cerner Corporation to provide a leading medical record and injury tracking platform that captures critical health information for all athletes, called HealtheAthlete. HealtheAthlete has an Athlete Portal that enables the individual athlete to contribute directly to his/her health record. All medical forms with the exception of our physical form and Medical Exception form must be completed through the HealtheAthlete Athlete Portal. All athletes are required to create an account using their Andrew ID as their username. If you do not already have an account you will receive an invite from Cerner Health asking you to create an account. Instructions will be provided. 

By NCAA and our University standards, all Freshman and First Year athletes are required to receive a physical exam before athletic participation. Physicals must be dated after June 1st.

All athletes are required to complete the following prior to participation unless otherwise noted:

  • Complete or Update Profile: 
    • Including, address, personal information, contact, personal and emergency information, insurance (primary/ secondary/ dental)
    • Copy of all insurance cards, front and back, uploaded to HealtheAthlete Portal
  • Assumption of Risk and Release
  • Concussion Acknowledgement - Watch videos and refer to NCAA Fact Sheet prior to signing
  • Medical Treatment / Consent to Disclosure of Medical Information  
  • Medical Exceptions ADHD/ADD (only if applicable) – See link below
  • Meningitis B Vaccination  
  • Student Athlete Handbook (Injury and Insurance Protocols)

For returning athletes only

  • Returning Athlete Health History

For new athletes only (not required for returning athletes)

  • Health History
  • Physical Exam Form  - See link below
  • Sickle Cell Trait - Watch video and refer to NCAA Fact Sheet prior to signing

To be completed in pre-season

  • Female Athlete Questionnaire
  • Pre-participation Physical Preparedness Questionnaire
  • Wellness Questionnaire

The following forms are not available on the HealtheAthlete Portal and will need to be printed and completed by your physician:

If under 18 years of age the medical forms below must be printed out and signed by a parent or guardian and uploaded directly into the HealtheAthlete Portal.  The link to the Medical Forms Packet for athletes under 18 is:

Please download this checklist to use as a guide to ensure you’ve completed all paperwork:

If you have questions, please contact the athletic training staff:

Office:  412-268-2222


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