Alumnus Mark Weinsten Discusses Leadership with Rising Juniors

Alumnus Mark Weinsten Discusses Leadership with Rising Juniors

(PITTSBURGH, Pa.) – The Student-Athlete Leadership Development Program continued its programming on Wednesday, April 4, when president-elect of the Tartan Athletics Club Board of Directors and athletics alum Mark Weinsten (DC’85) returned to speak to the rising juniors about how leadership is always changing.

A Senior Managing Director at BRG Consulting in Boston, Weinsten leads the firm’s Private Capital initiative and is part of the leadership team for the Consumer Products and Retail offering and the Business Improvement and Growth practice.

"Mark is passionate about our student-athletes and our university, and gives so much of himself to help their development," said Director of Athletics Josh Centor. "He brings a wealth of experience from his time in the corporate world, and shares practical experiences that our students can learn from and apply to their academic and athletic ambitions."

As Weinsten described five keys to becoming a better leader he pointed out a number of his experiences and what he tried to do along the way. Topics included

  • Be willing to change/Be willing to accept change
  • Have a purpose
  • Don’t treat everyone the same but be fair in how you treat everyone
  • Be reliable and trustworthy
  • Know your people

"Something I really learned a lot from was his experience gaining the credibility of the company's employees," said sophomore volleyball athlete Maia So-Holloway. "It was definitely something I could see being applicable in a game situation, when a player might not be acting as the best teammate, and as a captain it's your duty to address the problem no matter how uncomfortable the situation."

Senior women’s soccer athlete Sienna Stritter, who was in attendance for a roundtable discussion, also emphasized the importance of credibility saying, "I hope that everyone takes away what Mark stressed about the importance of establishing credibility as the first step to being a good leader. Being prepared, being fair, always acting morally, and setting a good example will help you earn the trust and respect that is essential to effective leadership."

Knowing the group has heard different strategies about leadership, Weinsten recalled times when he used his keys to improve his company. He then related it all back to sports so that the group could better understand how they can implement them in their lives.

The session also included roundtable discussions on prevalent topics within the student-athlete community led by Stritter and two other senior athletes.

"We applied ideas Mark talked about to possible scenarios that might come up within our teams," said Stritter. 'I was encouraged by the creative and thoughtful answers that the student-athletes in attendance came up with."