Athletics Department Celebrates 2016-17 Season

Michael C. Murphy Citizenship Award Winner Amanda Kuhn with Michael Murphy
Michael C. Murphy Citizenship Award Winner Amanda Kuhn with Michael Murphy

The Carnegie Mellon University Athletics Department hosted its annual awards banquet on Wednesday, May 3. More than 350 student-athletes attended the event, which honored athletic and academic achievement during the 2016-17 season.

The program began with Director of Athletics Josh Centor asking student-athletes to stand and be recognized for athletic and academic achievements throughout the year. He congratulated the student-athletes and teams for the way they represent the university. Prior to the start of dinner, the 10 of the 19 Tartan Awards were presented by the head coaches.

Following dinner, Centor thanked the athletics department staff for the hard work and dedication brought to the office every day before the head coaches announced the remaining nine Tartan Awards.

“Our intercollegiate athletics program has never been stronger, and that is a result of many things, but most importantly, our student-athletes,” said Centor. “If you gauge popularity by the impact you have on others, by the influence you have on our community and by the way people feel about your presence on our campus, then our program is as popular and valued as ever."

Following the coach presentations of the team Tartan Awards, the Michael C. Murphy Citizenship Award was presented by Michael Murphy, the former Vice President for Campus Affairs. The award is given to a senior student-athlete that has demonstrated character, sportsmanship, service and impact on the university during his or her time at Carnegie Mellon. This year's recipient was Amanda Kuhn of women's swimming and diving.

Kuhn has worked as a research assistant for Professors Marlene Behrmann and Allison Barth. She also worked at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke two summers ago. She has worked with children with severe disabilities at the Children’s Institute and her role mentoring students with autism through the Evolve Coaching Mentorship Program. Kuhn has also worked with the Hospital Elder Life Program for the past year. In that program, she works with patients 70 and older and does everything she can to improve their quality of life.  

Carnegie Mellon Faculty Athletics Representative Eric Grotzinger then presented the Dr. William Brown Academic Athletic Achievement Awards to the male and female student-athletes who are four-year participants and earned the highest grade-point average while participating in intercollegiate athletics.

The recognition was named in honor of the Tartans' first-ever NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative, William Brown, following his passing in 2007.

This year's recipients of the eighth annual Dr. William Brown Academic Athletic Achievement Awards were women’s diver Mallory Evanoff and men’s golfer Alex Woodward. Evanoff carries a 4.0 GPA and will graduate in May with a degree in chemistry.  She will be attending graduate school at UC San Diego where she will be working to earn her PhD in Chemical Biology. Likewise, Woodward boasts a 4.0 GPA and will graduate in May with a degree in mechanical engineering.  He will be moving to Boston upon graduation and working for ClearMotion.

The evening closed with recognition of members of the senior class, who were awarded graduation sashes and honored for their contributions to the athletics program. To cap off the event, athletes, coaches and staff were shown a highlight video chronicling the moments that defined the year in Tartan athletics.

Below is a list of the Tartan Award winners in each sport. Tartan Awards are presented based on program-specific criteria developed by each head coach.

Lizzy Thrasher of Volleyball (Robert S. (DC’93) & Ann Feng Simon Award (TPR’93))
James Ormond
of Men’s Basketball (Thomas B. Craig Award (E’53))
George Qian of Men’s Golf (Thomas B. Craig Award (E’53))
Summer Kitahara
of Women’s Golf (Thomas B. Craig Award (E’53) and LaVerne Craig Award)
Tristan Lockwood
of Men’s Soccer (W. Young Kang Award (E’92))
Megan Bartoshuk
of Women’s Soccer (Jared L. (H’14) and Maureen  B. Cohon Award)
Jonathan Dyer
of Football; Defense (Walter H. and Antoinette V. Haupt Award)
Frank Bello
of Football; Offense (Thomas B. Craig Award (E’53))
Lisa Murphy
of Women’s Basketball (John N. Wiernicki Award)
Curtis Watro of Men’s Cross Country
Aparna Alavilli of Women’s Cross Country (Kelly Chin de Csepel Award (TPR’02))
Grace Yee of Women’s Track & Field; Field Events
Sarah Cook of Women’s Track & Field; Running Events (Dario Donatelli Award (TPR’81))
Jacob Schofel of Men’s Track & Field; Field Events
Owen Norley of Men’s Track & Field; Running Events (Gary L. Meckley Award)
Dustin Ferzacca of Men’s Swimming & Diving (Scott (TPR’88) and Lara Morrison Award)
Allison Kirkby of Women’s Swimming & Diving (Joseph (E’48) and Myrna Stein Award)
Kenny Zheng of Men’s Tennis (Michael H. Ference Award (DC’91, TPR’92))
Nicholle Torres of Women’s Tennis (Ellie (Wiseman) Ference (E’64) and Thomas P. Ference Award (E’64, TPR’66, ‘67))

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