Walk Pittsburgh Comes to Carnegie Mellon

Walk Pittsburgh Comes to Carnegie Mellon

(PITTSBURGH, Pa.) – On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Carnegie Mellon University will be hosting Walk Pittsburgh at noon as a part of the CMU Fitness and Recreation’s program, Walking Wednesdays.

“We have always supported Oakland Transportation Management Association who began a Ready, Set, Walk program in 2007 that transformed into Walk Pittsburgh,” said Carnegie Mellon Fitness and Operations Manager, Pattye Stragar. “We appreciate that they recognize that CMU promotes a healthy lifestyle and are happy they want to include us in their initiative.”

Carnegie Mellon is hoping to “pack the track” at Gesling Stadium with walkers from campus and the community. 

“We started Walking Wednesday because it is something that everyone can participate in.  We want to get the campus moving and support the Healthy Campus initiative. We recognize that walking not only benefits your body, but your mind, mood, overall quality of life and improves your quantity of sleep,” explained Stragar. 

The purpose of the event is to promote being healthy and having a healthy heart.  Attendees will be able to meet those who developed Walk Pittsburgh while local media representation will be covering the entire event.

“We know people take the time out of their day to spend with friends and this is a way to incorporate exercise and spending time together simultaneously,” Stragar said.

Come out to walk with Walk Pittsburgh at the track Wednesday! Wear red to show your Tartan pride and pick up a free t-shirt.

A Walk Pittsburgh app is also available on your smartphone or tablet from the Google play store or the App Store from Apple for use during your walks. The app not only tracks your steps but converts those steps into calories burned, but more importantly converts those steps into gallons of gas saved and CO2 emissions saved. So the program encourages you to be part of the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint while getting healthy too! To find out more about the apps features and the organization please visit their website.