Walking Wednesday

Walking Wednesday

CMU Fit Every Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m., members of the campus community walk around Gesling Stadium or Wiegand Gym as a way to "Fit Fitness In". Come join us to continue the campus's Healthy Initiative of "Come to Campus Healthy, Leave Healthier". The environment is enriched with music as participants engage in friendly conversation with colleagues and students.


4 laps around the track = a mile
14 laps around the gym = a mile

How we started:

Carnegie Mellon's athletics department launched a Walking Wednesdays campaign in October of 2010 where they encouraged all members of the campus community to take a break from work and walk together during lunch time either around Gesling Stadium's track or in Wiegand Gym.

The program was a success and has continued in conjunction with the campus's Healthy Initiative to "Fit Fitness In".

If interested in walking daily with a group, learn more about the Walking Club.



The fitness challenge for the summer will be bike riding. To join, see the sign up sheet and return it to the fitness desk.


For additional information about the benefits of walking and the campus's support to be healthy, read Barbara Smith's and Anita Barkin's message from January 2011 below:

Dear Supervisor:

Since the New Year is traditionally a time when people make resolutions to make changes in their life, some of which are often health related, it seems like a fitting time to write to you and seek your support in fostering a healthy workplace.

In March of 2006, President Cohon launched the Healthy Campus initiative and charged appointed committee members to “create a sustainable plan for promoting health and well-being” in our campus community. The Committee, which is comprised of staff from key departments, members of representative bodies and interested students, staff and faculty continue to make progress in developing a sustainable health promotion program. Good examples of initiatives that are part of the Healthy Campus effort are the annual “Pathways to Health” program, free exercise classes at Whitfield, “Meatless Mondays” and “Walking Wednesdays.” Many of the programs like “Walking Wednesdays” and Tuesday meditation sessions are held at noon and are designed to be incorporated into the workday.

When individuals engage in a healthier lifestyle the positive impact is realized on both the personal and institutional level. Chronic illness, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and mental disorders, lower employee productivity, increase the number of lost workdays and increase health insurance costs. This is clearly a case where what is good for the employee is also good for the employer.

One way that supervisors can play an important role in promoting a healthy environment is by supporting employees who wish to participate in programs and activities designed to promote health. While there are times when the needs of the office and the demands of the work situation make staff participation in an event or activity impossible, we would ask that, if and when flexibility is an option, you support a staff member’s interest in participating in a healthy campus activity.

One of the first events for 2011 will be the Healthy Campus Kickoff event sponsored by Athletics on Wednesday, January 12th at Noon in the UC gym. This event marks the beginning of the Fitness Challenge that continues until Spring Break in March. The theme this year is “Fit Fitness In.” We also hope to launch the Healthy Campus website before the end of the spring semester. I hope that you will find time to participate in these events as well, visit the new website and support opportunities for employees to participate in Healthy Campus programs.

Thank you for your consideration and support of a healthy campus.

Barbara Smith
Associate Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer

Anita Barkin
University Health Services