Safety Guidelines for Runners, Bikers and Walkers

Local Fitness Trails

Our experts in the Athletics Department at Carnegie Mellon University have put together some safety tips for running, walking and bicycling. Different routes with maps and distances have been provided.

Here are five quick tips to remember before leaving your house and while walking, running or biking:

1. Don’t wear headphones; Use your ears to be aware of your surroundings. Your ears may help you avoid danger that your eyes may miss during evening or early morning exercise.

2. Carry identification or write your name, phone number, and blood type on the sole of your shoe. Include any medical information.

3. Don’t run or bike alone.

4. Wear reflective material if you must run before dawn or dusk.

5. Look both ways before crossing a street and obey traffic signs and signals. Cars may not always obey the right of way.

Now that you are ready to get out and exercise safely, check out some routes around campus and the surrounding areas that our experts use on a regular basis. Most of all, be safe and have fun while you are exercising. If you have any questions, please contact our department’s fitness director Pattye Stragar.

Routes for walking, running or biking:

Campus Peripheral - pdf

Cross Country Course - pdf

Shadyside Loop - pdf

Beechwood Boulevard - pdf

Eliza Furnance - pdf

Panther Hollow - pdf

Pittsburgh Marathon - pdf

Race for the Cure - pdf

Schenley Golf Course - pdf

Squirrel Hill/Greenfield - pdf

Schenley Park - pdf