Fitness Challenge 2014 "TRI-CMU"

Fitness Challenge 2014 "TRI-CMU"

Let's get this campus moving! The challenge starts Jan 27th.

Below is everything you need to have your own 2014 Fitness Challenge "TRI-CMU" - Consider this your "FIT KIT"

2014 Fitness Challenge Registration Form - pdf
Fitness Challenge Tracker - pdf
Global Map - pdf
5 weeks to a 5K - pdf
Pittsburgh Campus Challenge Quick Facts - pdf

The fitness challenge has 3 goals:  1) to increase awareness of Carnegie Mellon's global presence in other countries,  2) to get this campus exercising 4 times a week for 20 minutes and 3) to encourage the Carnegie Mellon campus community to participate and be ready to compete in a mini TRIathlon on Sunday, March 2nd.  The triathlon will consist of a 5k, a 500 meter swim (20 laps), and a one hour indoor cycling class.

Above is the form to register for the Fitness Challenge 2014 "TRI-CMU", a document of a tracker for you to chart individual progress and an 11x17 color global map to chart the team progress. On the global map each block represents 20 minutes of exercise. On the tracker, each block represents a day of the week (the goal is to exercise 4 times a week for 20 minutes). Each type of exercise has their own specifically colored marker: green for walking/running, black for biking, blue for swimming and the fourth marker can be any of those three types of exercises (aka your choice).

No need to have previous triathlon experience. This is an opportunity to try something new and step out of the box. All swimming levels are welcome!!!