How FitBucks Work

  • FitBucks are the currency that Group X uses as a form of payment.
  • FitBucks have replaced the punch cards that had been used in the past for Group X classes, personal training sessions, and swim lessons.
  • FREE Group X classes for all tuition-paying undergraduate and graduate students. See the class schedule. FitBucks are NOT required for students to attend Group X classes as they are preloaded onto your student ID card. FitBucks will still be required for Personal Training, Golf and Swim Lessons.

Purchasing FitBucks

  • FitBucks are purchased at a 1:1 ratio. Each FitBuck costs $1.00.
  • For convenience, we also offer three purchasing bundles. These bundles come with bonus FitBucks and are a great way to save money.
  • FitBucks are loaded onto your CMU ID card.
  • FitBucks are used to pay for Group X classes, personal training sessions, and swim lessons.

Cost of Bundle

FitBucks Purchased Bonus FitBucks Added Total FitBucks You Get Savings
$50 50 5 55 9% Savings!
$100 100 15 115 13% Savings!
$200 200 45 245 18% Savings








Using FitBucks

  • To pay for a Group X class, personal training session, golf, or swim lesson with FitBucks, you simply bring your CMU ID with you and pay instantly and electronically at the start of the class or session.
  • Your FitBucks are tied to your CMU account, so if you lose or replace your CMU ID card your FitBucks will still be there.
Activity FitBucks Required
Group X 5
Personal Training 35
Swim Lesson 30







Why implement the FitBucks payment system?

While building the new fitness facility at the Cohon Center, we have been reevaluating all of our operations to make sure that they make sense for the future of this campus, our students, and our faculty and staff. One of the areas we identified to improve was the payment system for fitness activities and classes.

How are FitBucks better than the punch cards?

FitBucks provide our patrons with a better user experience in a number of ways as compared to the old punch cards. Here are just a few examples:

  • FitBucks stay with you! The punch cards expired at the start of the next academic year, which meant any remaining punches you still had were useless. So long as you have a valid CMU ID, your FitBucks remain active on your account, even across multiple academic years.
  • No more lost cards to worry about! Because FitBucks are placed on your CMU account, if you lose or replace your CMU ID card, your FitBucks balance will still be there ready to use. If you lost a punch card, those funds were lost forever.
  • Nothing extra to carry with you! All patrons of the new fitness facility will need their CMU ID card to access the facility, but your same CMU ID card will also have your FitBucks on it to pay for any classes you want to take. No need to also carry a punch card with you.

What if I don’t have a CMU ID card?

The new fitness facility is open to those with a CMU ID. That means that students, faculty, staff and those with sponsored CMU IDs will be able to use the CMU ID card they already have to access the new facility.

For patrons that do not meet any of these categories, we will be selling a limited number of memberships for the fitness facility. For more information about membership, please contact Sara Gauntner at

If a non-CMU ID card holder wants to participate in a group-x class, they must be accompanied by a host with a current valid CMU ID.  They would then purchase a $10 guest pass and purchase 5 Fitbucks to load to their fitness access pass. They would then swipe the fitness access pass to get a receipt and take the receipt with their host to the Group X class.  They would return the fitness access pass when their visit is complete.

What is included with a fitness membership?

A fitness membership will allow patrons access to the new CMU fitness facility. Those with a CMU ID (such as students, faculty and staff) will already have access and do not need a membership. Please note that a membership is only for access to the facility, members would still need to purchase FitBucks for their account if they wish to participate in Group X, personal training, or swim lessons.