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Scotty's Curriculum Vitae

Name: Scotty

Official American Kennel Club (AKC) Name: Scottish terrier

Born: September 22, 2007; arrived in Pittsburgh on May 28, 2008

Birthplace: Calgary, Canada

Weight: 18 pounds

Color: Black

Home: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Family ties: The entire Carnegie Mellon community

Caretaker: Professor Larry Cartwright, (E’76 ‘87) and 4 official student walkers from the Highland Ambassadors group

Favorite music: Bagpipes

Favorite pastimes: Teasing her brothers, eating shoes and chewing on mechanical pencils

Favorite food: Kibble with warm chicken broth

Favorite hangouts: Professor Cartwright’s office in Porter Hall, the cut, the mall, Gesling Stadium

Favorite attire: Anything tartan

Tricks: Scotty can fetch (sometimes), sit (usually), and breathe (nails it every time!)

Pet peeve: Stairs